The Squat Flaw That Also Makes You Chubbier and Less Attractive

how to squat - major flaw

You're in a do-or-die situation and a man asks you if you would prefer to look more attractive to the opposite sex or to learn a cool tip to ramp up your squats? Love can come and go, however lifting will be there for ever. Yeah I hear ya'! Live sometimes stays for life; what will you choose? A life of perfect squats or a life with someone you love that you can share it with? Well, what if I said you could have them both by picking the best … [Read more...]

Take This Fitness Gullibility Test

fitness myths

If the most beautiful person YOUR eyes had ever seen told you they had been searching for you their whole life, how would you feel? And if they looked in your eyes with sincerity and excitement, would you believe them? I know I would! But why would I, or perhaps yourself, believe them? Trust & Sincerity For the most part, we trust people, and if they say something with sincerity and confidence (which means in their own head they believe it to be true … [Read more...]

How Do The World’s Best Train To Go ATG?

should i squat ass to grass

ATG has to be one of the most popular acronyms in the squat world! I get comments about it all the time, and so I thought I’d share with you what it means and whether or not it’s right for you. If you haven’t heard the term ATG, it stands for “Ass To Grass”, which essentially means you descend into a squat until your bum hits your calves. This type of squat is most common in Olympic lifting and of course any squat variation (I.e. The Olympic Squat, Overhead … [Read more...]

This Is Not For Amateurs – Do Not Watch If You Love Sit-Ups!

Strong abs

What do you really think! Is a six pack of abs built on lots of core (crunches and sit-ups) or is it mainly your diet? It depends. I mean for sure the abdominals can thicken if you work them smartly, but you can’t show them off drinking beer and eating pizza each day. Even if you had a great set of abs, you’d still have to trim off any excess fat to show them off. Are All You Ab Exercises Making You Stronger? In high performance there is a common … [Read more...]

The Best Front Squat Drill You’ve Ever Seen!

how to do a proper front squat

Do you agree that athletes are best suited for the Front Squat? Have you heard this common way of thinking by some good coaches who believe the front squat is best because it keeps your back straight as you hold good upright posture. Whether this way of thinking resonates with you or not; when you perform a proper Front Squat, your performance in lifting and in sports, will improve. And here’s why: 1) The Front Squat requires great flexibility in many … [Read more...]

Is This Deadlift Style For You?


A few weeks back I had the opportunity to get insight by another top coach as to what style he recommends suing when performing a proper Deadlift, as I sat down with the co-founder of Strongfirst’s barbell course Dr. Michael Hartle Master SFG Himself a skilled and seasoned lifter, he kindly took some time out of his busy teaching weekend to answer a few questions. So How Do You Do A Proper Deadlift That depends! In truth a “proper Deadlift” is the same … [Read more...]